Classic Hair Serivces

Shampoo, Condition & Style               $45
Silk Press                                        $65 & up
Shampoo, Press & Curl                       $55 & up
Spiral Set                                       $65 & up
Up-do’s and Formal Styles                  $75 & up

Shampoo Enhancements
     Tailor any service by adding these à la carte items.
Nioxin Treatment (For thinning hair)     $5
Custom Blended Deep Conditioner        $10
Revitalizing Moisture & Strength           $15
Dry & Itchy Scalp Treatment                $10
Hot Oil Treatment                          $10
Soothing Antiseptic Scalp Rub            $10
Olaplex (Maximum Strengthening)        $15

Precision Cuts

With an array of shears, razors, & master techniques to shape any look to perfection!  (À La Carte)


Trim (Up to 1”)                               $15

Designer Cuts                                  $25

Wig & Weave Customizing Cuts              $30 & up

Designer Colors

Using an artists color line, your color will be custom blended for your dream color.  All color prices include your shampoo, condition and basic style. Certain colors will require adding an Olaplex Treatment to maintain the hairs integrity.

                                              Short  / Med / Long
Solid Permanent Color Touch Up    $70    $80    $90
Semi & Demi Permanent                    $65     $75      $85
Foil Highlights (partial)                 $80   $90    $100
Foil Highlights (Full)                     $90 & up
Ombrè                                      $100 & up

Add ons
Fashion Color                           +$20 & up added to color service
Semi/Demi added to another service +$15      $25        $35


Custom Wig Services & Design

Custom Wig Construction             $200 & up
     Wig creation includes consultation using frontal or closure & 2 bundles, custom scalp mold, frontal or 

     closure customization, cutting & styling.  Hair not included due to pricing of hair being based on length and

     amount of bundles.
Sewing of additional bundles        +$20 per bundle

Wig Tailoring & Customization        $60 & up
     Includes wig shaping, lace trimming, baby hair design, customizing frontal, cut & style

Wig Installation                          $100
     Service includes, shampoo, conditioning of natural hair, braiding, sewing unit down, cutting & styling.
Shampooing of Wig Unit               $25

À La Cartè Wig Services
Shampoo Natural Hair/Braid Down  $15


Lavish Weaving Services

Weaving service pricing does not include hair, but hair bundles can be purchased in the salon or in the online store.  please contact us for pricing and ordering of individual extensions.


Full Sew In                                   $200
     Service includes braiding, sewing, cutting & styling of 2 bundles & frontal or closure.  Hair bundles not

     included, but can be purchased at salon or in the online store.
Frontal Customization                  +$20
Closure Customization                   +$10
Quick Weave                                $90 & up

À La Cartè Weave Services
Shampoo|Condition Natural Hair    $15
Weave Removal                              $25 & up

Individual Extensions
     Pricing Includes instillation of extensions, cutting & style.
Fusion (Full)                                $300 & up
Fusion (Partial)                            $150 & up
Microlinks (Full)                           $300 & up
Microlinks (Partial)                       $150 & up

Hair Additions
     Prices are à la cartè to be easily added to another service.  Hair not included.
Sew In Tracks                                $15 each
Glue In Tracks                               $10 each

HAIR Augmentation                        $18 each

Stand by Strand                            $2 each

Silky Straightening Treatments

Design Essentials S.T.S                      $80 & up
The Strengthening Therapy System uses amino acids to help smooth the hairs natural texture, to help achieve and maintain a style longer than in its natural state, while adding nutrients to promote strong, healthy hair.  Hair can be worn straight or curly.  This treatment is only temporary to allow you to remain chemical free, and shampoos out in 6 to 12 shampoos.

Keratin Treatments                        $125 & up

Relaxer Services
Virgin Relaxers                             $90 & up
Retouch (2” or less)                    $70 & up
Partial Touch Up                         $55
Texturizer                                   $65
Sensitive Scalp Relaxers                  +$5


Natural Beauties

Locs Services
Coiled Locs Establishment              $100 & up
Coiled Locs Retwist                      $60 & up
Interlocking                               $55 and hour
Loc Styles                                  $20 & up
Sisterlocks Establishment               $65 per hour
Sisterlocks Retightening                 $55 per hour

Coiled Styles                              $75 & up            
Twist Outs                                 $65 & up
Twist Out without pullout            $35 & up

Braided Styles
Cornrows                                 $50 & up
Crochet Braids/Twists/Locs            $75 & up
Crochet Styles with loose Hair       $90 & up


Cosmetic Services

Makeup for all occasions! on location services may be available depending on the date, please call for details and travel pricing.

Full Face                                    $65

Strip Lashes                                 $15

glitter Eye Shadow                       $10

Permanent Brow Services

Microblading                             $375
This precision technique is done using a hand tool to create individual hair strokes.  This technique is not recommended for oily skin. Price includes initial session and the perfecting session in 8-12 weeks.

Perfecting Session                       $100
    Done between 13 weeks -6 months after initial session.
Year Color Boost                     $125
Full Touch Up                            $175
Microshading Enhancement            $200
    This is a process of adding a shaded background to your microblading to add more color for your desired 

Ombrè Brows                           $375
     This technique gives you a more precise and glamorous brow look and works well on all skin types.  This

     price includes your initial session as well as your perfecting session in 8-12 weeks.
Perfecting Session                     $100
    Done between 13 weeks -6 months after initial session.
Yearly Color Boost                 $125
Full Touch Up                          $175


Upper Eyeliner                          $250 & up
Upper Liner Color Boost           $175 & up
Lash Enhancement Liner               $200
Lash Enhancement Color Boost   $125    
Lower Liner                             $175
Lower Liner Color Boost          $100

Full Lip Color                         $475
Lip Liner                                 $300
Hairline Enhancement                 $250 & up
Scalp Micropigmentation           $350 & up


Waxing Serivces

Brows                                  $13

Lip                                       $10

Chin                                     $10

Chin & Neck                            $18

Side Burns                             $10

Underarms                            $15

Hands                                  $15

Please Contact us to schedule appointments & for custom orders.

Some services may require a deposit to secure an appointment.

All appointments must be cancelled or rescheduled at least 24 hours in advance or a non cancellation fee will apply.  This fee is half of your service, with a $25 minimum.


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